PowerWebForm is one of our nineteen Dynamics CRM PowerPack add-ons. It is a great tool that allows you to develop custom web forms and post them on a website. It then lets you capture information from the web form and instantly pull that information directly into your CRM.


Though unlikely, you may encounter an issue after installing PowerWebForm where the web form data is not being written back into CRM. This is caused by an error with the CRM Plugin Registration Tool.

Here is what the error looks like when you try to access the organization through the CRM Plugin Registration Tool:

Plugin Registration Tool Error in Dynamics CRM

This is a known issue with ADFS 2.1 on a Windows 2012 server. The WS-Metadata Exchange (MEX) endpoint configuration and Microsoft issued a hotfix for it. You can verify the issue by looking at the value contained in the ActiveMexEndpoint row of the FederationProvider table of the Dynamics CRM database.

Here is what the incorrect entry looks like:


After installing the hotfix, the correct entry looks like:


Once you have installed the hotfix, run through the Claims-Based Authentication and IFD wizards respectively, and perform an IIS reset. Now you can check for the correct entry above in the Federation Provider table.

This should solve the issue with the Plugin Registration Tool error in Dynamics CRM.

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