PowerPack add-ons are a great way to add functionality to your Dynamics CRM system, whether you’re on 2011 or 2013. All of the add-ons are constantly being enhanced with awesome new features, so it’s always a good idea for users to make sure their PowerPack add-ons are up-to-date.


Updating an add-on is quick and easy! Simply follow these 5 steps:

  1. Grab the latest solution .zip file from the respective PowerPack web page
  2. Log into CRM and navigate to Settings > Solutions
    Update a PowerPack Add-on
  3. Click Import and walk through the import steps. Remember to select the options to Overwrite Customizations and activate and processes upon re-import
    Update a PowerPack Add-onUpdate a PowerPack Add-on
  4. Once the import has completed navigate back to the solutions list and double click on the PowerPack you just imported to open the configuration. Here (if upgrading from .2011 to .2013) you will be asked to clean up the components of the solution, select ok)Update a PowerPack Add-onUpdate a PowerPack Add-on
  5. Once the clean-up has completed, select Submit to sync your registration with the PowerObjects registration system and you are done!Update a PowerPack Add-on

Now you’ve learned how to update a PowerPack add-on for Dynamics CRM!

Not using any of the awesome PowerPack add-ons yet? There are free 30 day trials available of each add-on, which can be found on the PowerPack web pages. If you have questions, you can always contact our PowerPack Team at powerpackpro@powerobjects.com

Happy CRM’ing!

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