Dynamics CRM 2013 brings a lot of great features to the user. One such feature is the guided process bar located, most notably, on the lead, opportunity, and case forms. It can even be added to forms that do not have it. The guided process bar allows for quick access to information pertaining to a record and provides a roadmap for the user to follow in one quick glance.


Attributes such as point of contact, budget, and purchase timeline can all be set from this area. These attributes can also be set up to coincide with a particular sales stage. For instance, the information needed for the “Requirements Gathering” stage may be far different than the information needed in the “Proposal” stage. Searchable, sortable, and reportable, these attributes can also be set to change dynamically as the body of the record is updated.

There are times, however, that an organization would not need to use the guided process bar in CRM 2013. Instances where leads or opportunities or cases do not require more than one stage is common. By eliminating the guided process bar in these scenarios, it will reduce clutter on the form and simplify the user experience. Here is the how-to:

There are two ways to accomplish deactivating this feature. One is from Settings, and the other is directly from the form:

From the form, click on Edit Process and then Deactivate:



Once the Process has been deactivated, make copy of the BPF to save for future use.

After the copy has been created,  we then can delete the BPF from the Process area.  Any records that used that BPF, will know not be associated with it.

Refresh your browser window, or Outlook, and it’s that simple—no more guided process bar.

In order to enable the Guided Process Bar after deactivating, the user will need to access the process through Settings:

Settings > Processes > All Processes > Select the Process > Activate:

Process Bar in CRM 2013

Simple tricks like these keep users happy and productive. You can read more about CRM 2013 features and how-tos on our blog!

Happy CRM’ing!

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