Many Office 365 customers have added Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to their Office 365 subscriptions because of how seamlessly the tools integrate with Outlook and SharePoint. Well, there’s good news! Microsoft is currently running an Office 365 promotion for customers who want to purchase Dynamics CRM Online licenses.


Effective now through March 31st, 2014, customers with either Enterprise Business plans (E3 and E4) or Mid-Sized Business plans have the opportunity to purchase the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional licenses and receive a 30% discount. Office 365 service must be acquired prior to requesting this promotion and the number of seats must be less than 250.  Those purchasing 50+ CRM licenses have the extra bonus of saving up to 40% on their purchase.

If you already have the Mid-Sized Business plan and are ready to purchase your Dynamics CRM Online Professional licenses, you can click here to get started purchasing your discounted CRM licenses. From this link, click buy now. You will be prompted to log in to your Office 365 account. Once you log in, you will automatically be taken to the Purchase Services page in the Microsoft Portal.

Office 365 Promotion

Note: Only Billing Admins or Global Admins can purchase Dynamics CRM Online Professional licenses. For more information on these administrative roles, visit Microsoft’s article on Administrative Roles in Office 365.

Additional details of this promotion include:

  • Only Office 365 Mid-Sized Business customers qualify for this promotion, and the number of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional licenses cannot exceed the number of Mid-Sized Business licenses purchased.
  • Microsoft requires a minimum of number of 5 Professional licenses to be purchased in order to apply the discount.
  • This offer does not apply a discount on other Dynamics plans—just the CRM Online Professional licenses.
  • Additional discounts cannot be combined with this promotion.
  • The discounted price will be discontinued either when the qualifying licenses expire or after one term. At that point, customers can choose to renew at the regular price.

For more information, and to compare the Mid-Sized Business Plan to the Enterprise business plans, click here.

Happy CRM’ing & Office 365’ing!

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