CRM Online customers may have noticed an important new message when they log into CRM. Microsoft has started scheduling updates for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 fall release (codenamed Orion).


scheduling your CRM 2013 update

This is a pretty major update with a revised user experience and a host of great new features. This is great news, but maybe the date isn’t good for your organization. What can you do?

The first thing to realize is that all users see this notice, but only billing administrators can act on it. If you are the billing administrator for your organization, you may have also received an email from Microsoft with additional details.

Note: If you need to update the billing administrator for your organization, the current billing administrator can make this change from the administration portal. If that person is no longer with your company, your Partner of Record can help you.

To change the date your organization is scheduled to upgrade, click on the link either in the email or in the click on the Learn More button on the alert when you are signed into CRM.

scheduling your CRM 2013 update

Once you’ve navigated to the Scheduling page, you must select two date/time windows for update. Notice that your preferred dates may not be available as you navigate through the selection process. The available dates are shown in dark black and dates which cannot be selected are noted in gray.

Select the two preferred date/time widows and press the Next button to confirm your selections and schedule your new update dates.

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Happy CRM’ing!

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