There are multiple ways you can connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a source from the Scribe integration tool. The ones that are frequently used are the CRM Publisher or Query Publisher. Today we’ll go over the difference between these two and when to use them.


CRM Publisher

The CRM publisher uses the plug-in logic to push data from CRM to the Scribe server. Scribe then picks up the XML file and processes it. In this process, the data goes from the CRM server to the Scribe server almost instantaneously. This method is most useful if you need to process every single record separately and you need to integrate the data immediately. At the same time, you have to be careful with the data load since huge data can cause the Scribe server to not respond properly.

Here is a screenshot of the CRM publisher selection:
CRM publisher

Query Publisher

With this option, you will probably use the CRM filtered views to run your SQL queries as the source. You’ll need to schedule the Scribe processor to run at defined times, which means these are time-based integrations. You can use this method when you only need to integrate the summary and can integrate the data during off-peak hours. Doing this can give you better CRM performance.

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