In order to keep Microsoft Dynamics CRM clean and conserve data storage space, it is important to eliminate old, unnecessary, or even incorrect data. One option to remove this data is to go record by record, at up to 250 per instance, and delete them from the system. However, in many cases, thousands of records need to be deleted, and it simply doesn’t make sense to delete them 250 at a time.


The best way to delete these records is through the system’s bulk delete feature. Using this feature will also allow for a bulk delete job to automatically recur on a repeating schedule. To use this feature, navigate to the Settings tab and find Document Management:

Bulk deletion in Dynamics CRM 2011

Select New and find the entity of the records needing deletion. In this example, let’s say that leads older than 6 months old are to be deleted:

recurring bulk deletion in Dynamics CRM 2011

We are electing to run this bulk delete every day, but this can be changed to any interval, and any time of day:

Decide whether an email notification is to be sent to selected users, and click Next. Review the selections. Hit Back if changes need to be made, or Submit if things look correct, and it’s done. Now these unwanted records will be deleted in the background, and no more action is needed—Dynamics CRM will do the rest!

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Happy CRM’ing!

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