As many of you already know, PowerSurvey is a great add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that allows companies to send out surveys to clients and have the responses tracked right back into their CRM system. But did you know that you can also send out surveys in multiple languages?


Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Create the Surveys

To send out surveys in multiple languages, you will need to create an individual survey for each language you plan on communicating in.

In my example, I have clients in the United States and Denmark, so I’ve created two individual surveys, one in English and one in Danish:

send surveys in multiple languages from Dynamics CRM

Step 2: Add a Custom Field to your Entity

Once you’ve created your surveys, you will need to make sure that you have a custom field in your entity to decipher what your clients’ first language of choice is. You can make this a radio button or drop-down list depending on how many languages you are working with.

To add a custom field, you will need to click into the entity that you are adding the field to. In my case, I’ve added the language field to the contact record.

Once you are in the entity that you want to edit, you need to select Customize > Form > New Field > Create the Field. Now drag and drop your new field from the right navigation bar into the form where you want it to be.

You can always preview the new field by clicking on Preview in the ribbon. Lastly, make sure you click Save and Publish when you are done editing the form.

Note: When you add a custom field to an entity, it adds the field to all of the forms. So, in my case, I have added the Language field on all of the contacts in CRM.

Step 3: Create a Workflow

After you have added the language field to your entity and populated your information, you will want to build a workflow to ensure the PowerSurvey is being sent in the correct language.

In my workflow I am checking to see if the contact’s first language is English or Danish and then sending an email in the corresponding language.

Note: In my example I have set the workflow to run on-demand. If you want a survey to be sent automatically following a task completion or record update, you can certainly set it up that way!

Step 4: Run your Workflow

Navigate to the contact that you want to send the survey to and select Run Workflow. Then select the workflow you just created and click OK. An email will then be sent in the corresponding language with a link to the corresponding survey in regards to the contact.

Then once the client clicks on the link in the email it will direct them to the corresponding PowerSurvey!

That’s it—now you can send the same survey in multiple languages! Remember, PowerSurvey is available for a free 30-day trial if want to try this out yourself.

Happy CRM’ing!

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