Previously, we talked about how to install the customer portal, a great tool within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Today’s blog will cover how to update the customer portal in Dynamics CRM.


In the previous blog, we saw what the customer portal looks like after being successfully installed. As you can see below, it has a default home page, which has Contoso logo, and default links to the Microsoft website:

Updating the customer portal in Dynamics CRM

Today I’ll cover two ways update the home page within CRM–replacing the logo and updating the homepage content.

Replace the Logo

Here are the steps to replace the Contoso logo with your own website logo.

  1. Login to your CRM with the customer portal installed. Go to Content Management, and then under the Content section, find Content Snippets. Locate the Header snippet. Open it and you’ll see how the logo was placed:

    Customer Portal in Dynamics CRM

  2. Copy your web site logo to a proper directory. Here I copied my powerobjects.png logo into the …web/images/ directory. And I set the path as below:

    Customer Portal in Dynamics CRM

  3. Save the Content Snippet update.
  4. Reopen the portal, you will see the old logo was replaced with new logo:


Update the Home Page Content

This will show you how to update the home page content, marked in red below:

  1. Locate the Content Management, and select web Web Pages. Open the Home page.

    Customer Portal in Dynamics CRM

  2. You can see how the home page content was set in the CRM:

    Customer Portal in Dynamics CRM

  3. Update the Copy field content, and new updated home page will appear:


So there you go—now you know how to update the home page of your customer portal. You should be able to use this knowledge to update other items, such as links and navigation, in very similar fashion.

If you’ve found the blogs on the customer portal in Dynamics CRM useful, then stay tuned! Next time we’ll go over how to use the portal for event creation and registration.

Happy CRM’ing!

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