Every organization has different ways of dealing with document management, and in particular how they handle signing documents. In today’s digital age, where you may not even be in the same country as the person you are doing business with, e-signatures are a fast and convenient alternative to signing hard copy documents with pen.


For organizations in search of a way to integrate e-signatures in Dynamics CRM, Adobe EchoSign is a good option. It stands out because of its inexpensive entry price and some of the cool options available if you need some additional functionality.

EchoSign installs as a managed solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The setup and configuration is pretty straightforward. Enter your company name, the EchoSign API key, license key and a few other items and the solution is good to go! e-signatures in dynamics CRM

Once everything is configured, you can access the EchoSign solution under Workplace.

You will find a simple interface with an Overview, an Agreements area and a Dashboard.

Sending new agreements is as simple as choosing your recipients, the PDF document you would like to have signed, and a short message.

The user will receive an email from you with instructions and a hyperlink to the document.

The recipient simply clicks the provided link and signs the document. A copy of the signed document is sent to the original sender and the recipient automatically. At the same time, the agreement in CRM is updated with a PDF attached copy of the “Sent” agreement and the “Signed” agreement!

NOTE: The “Automatic Update” of the signed status is only available for CRM instances that are either online or on-premise with IFD/ADFS enabled and fully accessible from outside of your organization’s network. However, if your CRM isn’t accessible from outside the network, you can still click the Update button (as long as you have internet access) to manually initiate the update process.

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding this CRM add-on, but if you are looking for an e-signature component to add to your CRM implementation, Adobe EchoSign may fit the bill.

Happy CRM’ing!

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