Dynamics CRM is a great tool for many things; tracking sales opportunities, managing cases, and tracking activities. One of the few things that should not be done in CRM: document management and storage.


Many Dynamics CRM customers use SharePoint to store and manage documents, as it integrates smoothly within CRM. In some cases, CRM and SharePoint are hosted in two separate domains. For example: CRM may be Online and SharePoint may be on-premise. Or CRM may be partner-hosted while SharePoint is Online. In these situations, every time a user is in CRM and wants to view the SharePoint documents, they have to enter in their SharePoint username and password. For a company that relies heavily on various documents to operate daily, this is tedious. PowerObjects to the rescue!

We recently implemented a custom SharePoint plug-in that functions as such:

  1. A user logs into CRM and opens an Account or Contact record. (This plug-in can be implemented on any entity within CRM, including custom entities, as long as they have Notes enabled.)
  2. In the ribbon, the user will click on the Add tab and then click Attach File. Then he or she will select the document from the PC.
  3. After the attachment is added, the plug-in kicks off behind the scenes, moving the document to the corresponding SharePoint folder by logging in as an administrator user.
  4. A link to the SharePoint folder is added to the Notes section of the Account/Contact record.

    SharePoint & Data storage in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  5. The document can also be accessed from the Documents folder in the left navigation of the Account/Contact record.

Not only does this solution prevent the user from having to enter in additional credentials each time they need to add or access a document, it also allows them to stay within CRM and use out-of-the-box CRM functionality (the Add Attachment button) which takes less clicking than adding a document through the SharePoint integration.

If you’re interested in a demo, or would like to see if we can provide a solution to meet your needs, contact us.

Happy CRM’ing!

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