Microsoft Office 365 provides the best communication, collaboration and productivity tools available online. Whether you’re a large business on an international scale or a raising startup company, Office 365 has the plans to fit your company needs and budget. Enter Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise and Midsized business plans.


Here’s an overview of the plans and what they offer:

Midsize Business Plan Enterprise E1 Plan Enterprise E3 Plan
$15 user/month $8 user/month $20 user/month
User maximum 300 Unlimited Unlimited
Desktop Office applications1 x x
Office WebApps X X x
Hosted Email x x x
Web conferencing & IM X X x
SkyDrive X X x
Office Mobile for iPhone X x
Advanced email x
eDiscovery Center x
Advanced voice x
Business intelligence x

1 Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Lync & Infopath. For a full comparison of plans, see here.

Although the plans called “Enterprise” impliy they are for large companies, PowerObjects often recommends them to organizations of all sizes. They have a mix of Office 365 quality products that you can combine to meet your company needs. You can start with just the E1 plan is ($8 per user/month) which will include Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, SkyDrive and Office WebApps. If you want to enhance your Office 365 subscription by including Office 2013—the newest version of office available to be downloaded to your computer—you can upgrade to the E3 ($20 per user/month) or E4 plans ($22 per user/month).

However, Microsoft has also added a Midsized business plan for Office 365. Pricewise, it falls between the E1 and E3 plan, and is $15 per user/month. The Office 365 Midsize Business Plan includes everything in the Enterprise E1 Plan, along with the latest version of the Office applications. This plan also includes the following applications as part of the Office Suite: Outlook, Lync, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, OneNote, Access and Publisher.

One thing to note is that the midsized business plan does not mix with any other Office 365 plans. If your company chooses to go with this plan, everyone will be on that plan.

Whether you choose the Midsized business plan or an Enterprise business plan, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can be included in your subscription. With Office 365 and Dynamics CRM together you can integrate your CRM system directly in your Outlook profile. You can also track emails or access customer CRM accounts all with in Outlook. SharePoint Online can integrate with your Dynamics CRM Online as well.

To learn more about Office 365 products or activate a trial/subscription please visit our Office 365 page on our PowerObjects website.

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