Hello intrepid CRM adventurers! Today we’ll talk a little bit about Dynamic Marketing Lists. They are one of the most useful features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.


One of the hassles in the ‘old days’ of CRM was that your only option was to have a Static marketing list. This meant that you had to re-run your marketing list query to pull new data each time you want to use the marketing list.

Unlike their static cousin, Dynamic marketing lists continuously update. So, as an example, if you have a dynamic marketing list that has all your contacts in Minnesota, any new contact you add that is in Minnesota will automatically be added onto the list! Pretty handy, eh?

However, an issue arises when you want to do an advanced find that returns all the contacts that are on a specific dynamic marketing list. The search seems very straight-forward; we just want to look for contacts where the related marketing list = Test List.

Here is the advanced find query we would use. Looks fine right?

Dynamic Marketing Lists in CRM 2011

When you look at the results of this search, we do not have any data retrieved.

The reason? Dynamic marketing lists in CRM 2011 do not store the ‘membership’ of the list like the static marketing lists do. Dynamic marketing lists are essentially saved Advanced Find Views, and the ‘list membership’ is created when the marketing list is used in a campaign, not before. This makes it impossible to see dynamic marketing list membership in an advanced find or report.

One of the solutions to this issue is quite simple: Rather than creating the advanced find based on membership of the marketing list, use the same query that we used when we set up the dynamic marketing list. Since the dynamic list is using the same search, the information it returns should be the same!

That’s it!

Let the CRM experts at PowerObjects know if you have some reporting question that you cannot get solved. As always, happy CRM’ing!

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