You may already know that phone calls and tasks are the most common Dynamics CRM activities. The December 2012 Update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (a.k.a Polaris) has made adding phone calls and tasks to accounts and contacts even easier and more convenient!


Activities can now be created right within the account or contact form, so adding them to a record is a smooth and fluid process. There is no need to go up to the ribbon, click Add, and then choose Phone Call or Task. Let’s see this in action!

This is what an account record in CRM with the Polaris update looks like. Notice that there is no ribbon.

Dynamics CRM activities

To add a phone call or a task, simply click Activities in the middle column. Click on either of the two options to create an activity (Phone Call or Task).

And that’s it! Enter your phone call description, set the direction of the call (click to toggle between Outgoing and Incoming), click OK, and your phone call activity is ready.

You can see this phone call listed under Activities. Notice that this phone call is marked Complete, which means that you don’t have to explicitly open the phone call activity and mark it as “Complete”. CRM has already done that for you!

Similarly, you can create a task by clicking Add Task and filling in relevant details. This task shows up under Activities as well.

Tasks are not completed by default. However, just hover your mouse pointer over the task area to bring up the Complete option which can be clicked to mark the task as complete.

Creating Dynamics CRM activities with Polaris just got easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! If this was helpful, you might want to check out our other blogs related to Polaris/UR12:

Stay tuned and we will keep you updated about the latest from Dynamics CRM world.

Happy CRM’ing!

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