You may have noticed that there’s a new look for notes with the Dynamics CRM service update. PowerObjects took a look at the changes, and we wanted to provide a quick rundown of how the recent updates have affected notes in CRM.


What Notes Looked Like Before the Service Update

In the notes section prior to UR12, the notes view on the form displayed the note title.

If you entered a note directly in the notes section on a form, the title would default to “Note created on…” and the notes section on the form would display the title of each note.

Notes With Dynamics CRM Service Update - Before

If you opened an existing note by double clicking, or if you added a new note record from the CRM ribbon, the note record opened and gave you the option to add/edit the note title.

New UR12 and Polaris notes look on CRM forms:

With the updates to forms released with UR12 and Polaris, you can still add/edit a note titles when you open the note record.
Notes With Dynamics CRM Service Update - After

Now, with the new updates, the note titles are not included in the notes view on the form and the note title is not a form configuration option in CRM.

See below how notes are now displayed. Also, notice how the new notes display shows the body of the note above the Created On/By details. This is the opposite of the previous notes display.

We want to make you aware of these changes to UR12 and Polaris forms and let you know that there is not a configuration option to add the note titles back into the view of notes on forms. This will hopefully save you some time trying to edit your CRM configuration.

Happy CRM’ing!

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