So, here we are in a new and exciting post-Polaris world! If you haven’t already, check out our guide on the service update and what it means for you. For those of you that use PowerOneView: if you are on Dynamics CRM Online and have enabled the process-based UI that is a part of the Polaris release, you will need to manually add it back to each of the new process-based form.

  1. To add PowerOneView back to the left-hand navigation of the process-based form, navigate to the entity you’d like to add it back to and open it. Then click on “…” > Form Editor.

Update PowerOneView for Polaris

  1. In the upper ribbon, click on Navigation. Then go to the insert tab, and choose Navigation Link.

  1. Name the navigation link PowerOneView, find the PowerOneView icon (called poov_/images/nav_icon.png), and specify the PowerOneView web resource (called poov_/PowerOneView.html). Click OK.

  1. Save & publish the form, then refresh the record. If you expand the left-hand navigation, you will now see PowerOneView in your left navigation.

Easy as that!

If you have questions or need assistance with PowerOneView, or any of the PowerPack add-ons, contact our PowerPack Pro at

Happy CRM’ing!

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