Here at PowerObjects, we know that Dynamics CRM is a great fit for just about any department in any business. But did you know that Dynamics CRM is also an awesome fit for a HelpDesk system? In fact, it can do more than many purchased third party HelpDesk systems.


How do we know we can do this? We custom-developed a HelpDesk solution ourselves at PowerObjects. Our support team uses this solution to track issues, assets, and escalations. We have also developed custom HelpDesk solutions for our customers. It’s a great fit for us, and it may just be a great fit for you!

Here are some of the elements of a customized HelpDesk solution by PowerObjects: (All items listed are optional–you may just need parts of it, and that’s OK!)

  • Asset tracking and management (including an image drag and drop)

CRM 2011 HelpDesk Solution

  • Escalation workflows
  • Ticket and issue tracking
  • Tracking of IP addresses
  • Automatically synchronize with various sources
  • Synchronize with Active Directory

CRM 2011 HelpDesk Solution

  • Automatically send end-users surveys to ensure satisfaction
  • Communication workflows: send e-mail updates automatically
  • Track server performance
  • Automatically assign cases to appropriate users based on types
  • Portal opportunities to allow non-CRM users to submit issues

And the best part of it is the automation and synchronization capabilities. Here’s what the HelpDesk synchronization architecture looks like for PowerObjects internal use:

Wondering how your company can use Dynamics CRM for a HelpDesk solution? We’re happy to help. Contact PowerObjects today about developing a solution for your organization.

Happy CRM’ing!

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