Many Dynamics CRM users want the ability to add photos to records. The PowerPhoto add-on allows users to add CRM photos to an account, contact or lead record, and display those images on the record without having to open an attachment. PowerPhoto uses the drag and drop feature, which makes adding images to any record a breeze.


The PowerPhoto add-on has now been enhanced so that you can display one or multiple CRM photos on the same record. Users can decide to have one image or multiple images on each record type. Simply drag and drop one or multiple images into the PowerPhoto area on the record, and scroll through the images, or view thumbnail-sized previews of each of the images themselves.

You can view images in thumbnail size:

CRM photos in thumbnail size

Or scroll through images one at a time:

scroll through CRM photos

If you’d like to try adding photos to your CRM records, import PowerPhoto into your CRM, and try it for free for 30 days!

Happy CRM’ing!

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