If you have employee or business changes, you may need to reassign Account records in CRM 2011 to another Owner. When you reassign an Account, all activities are also re-assigned.


In order to re-assign Account records, perform the following actions:

  1. Use the ‘Advanced Find’ option within the ribbon.

  1. Create a new query based upon your criteria. In this case, let’s say I need to create a list of Accounts that are ‘Active’ and are located in three states: Texas, Colorado and New Mexico. My sales person for that region has left and I need to reassign the Accounts in those states to my new sales representative.

  1. From the Query, select ‘Results’.

reassign account records in CRM 2011

  1. The result set is displayed. Confirm that the list of Accounts is indeed in each state that was defined in the query.

reassign account records in CRM 2011

  1. Select all Accounts records then; select ‘Assign Accounts’ from the ribbon.

Reassigning account records in CRM 2011

  1. A dialog box is provided where you can assign the Account records to another User or Team.

  1. This will update all of the selected Account records with a new Owner. The list view will show the updated Owner on the records.

This is how to reassign Account records to a new Owner using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Bam!

If you create many queries on a continual basis, see the blog performance optimization for quick find queries.

Happy CRM’ing!

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