One of the greatest functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is the ability to provide tools that can be customized to match the users’ personal preferences, helping them increase their productivity level. This makes CRM a lot more accessible and user-friendly. Check out these four fun tips for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011:


1. Recently Viewed Folder Icon: When users click on the icon, they are able to access the recently viewed items. The items come in two columns. On the left is the list of records and on the right is the list of views.

reduce clicks in dynamics crm

If a certain record or a view seems more important or something that the user accesses even more frequently, then the user can pin the record by clicking the pin button on the right of the record name or view name. By doing this, the record or view is always placed on top of the list. See below…

2. Set as Default Dashboard: If there is a certain dashboard that the users use more frequently than the usual, then they are able to set that as the default page. Whenever they come in to the workplace, their first page could be that default page. Once the users are on the workplace, they can first select the dashboard of choice then click “set as default “.

Once the button is clicked, that selected page is the new default dashboard page.

Personalizing dashboards makes working on CRM fun because everything the user wants to use is right there in one place and easy to access.

3. The “Wanted” View: If there is a certain set of records that the user prefers to access frequently, then Dynamics CRM 2011 gives the user the ability to set the view of those records as the default view.

If users have been working on inputting contacts lately, they might prefer having their active contacts as their primary view. Once they choose “contacts” on the workplace, they can pick the preferred view as the default.

Once the view is selected, it will open the selected view page. Then they have to click on the view button on the top left and finally click the “set as default view”.

4. Accessing data: Once they choose to open a record from the view, they can access another records without closing the currently opened record. By clicking the drop down list, they can access all of the records on that view.

By clicking the drop down list on the far right, they will be able to access the next record on the list.

Hope this bit of information helps you enjoy CRM even more than you already do. Happy CRM’ing !

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