Today we’re going to talk about how to go about resetting the CRM 2011 ribbon. (If this topic interests you, you might also want to visit the complete guide to CRM 2011 ribbon customization.)


If you recently upgraded from Dynamics CRM 4.0 to Dynamics CRM 2011, you may have noticed that all the entities that had customizations in the toolbar now have an extra tab on the form named ISV (e.g. ISV Account Form).

how to reset the CRM 2011 ribbon

Further investigation would reveal that there is a new web resource for each entity that had a customized toolbar. This new web resource will be a script file and the description will clearly tell you that it is regarding the entity’s ribbon.

In order to reset the ribbon for an entity (or multiple entities), add all the entities to a new solution (do not add required components – they are not needed). Include the item “Application Ribbon” in the solution.

Export the solution and save it.

Uncompress the solution file and open “customizations.xml” with a text editor that can edit XML. Once open, do a search for “<RibbonDiffXML>”. This is where the customization of the ribbon for that entity (or application) begins. Select the entire <RibbonDiffXML> element until you get to the closing tag </RibbonDiffXML>. Replace the entire element with the default element which is:

[sourcecode language=”xml”]
<CustomActions />
<RibbonTemplates Id="Mscrm.Templates"></RibbonTemplates>
<CommandDefinitions />
<TabDisplayRules />
<DisplayRules />
<EnableRules />
<LocLabels />


Do this for each instance of <RibbonDifXml> in the file. Once done, save the file and compress customization.xml, solution.xml and [Content_types].xml into a compressed file. Import this file as a solution, publish and refresh the browser. You will now see that the tabs from those entities are gone! The web resources have no dependencies either anymore so they can be deleted too.

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