Using the CRM 2011 mail merge functionality is a great way to personalize your interactions with customers. You can prepare and send customer-ready emails, letters, and faxes through CRM. When we come across mail merge related requirements from our clients, PowerObjects does recommend our customers use the CRM Outlook client mail merge over the CRM web client mail merge. There are many advantages to this and we will not discuss those in this blog. Instead, we’ll share a quick tip post a note to multiple records at once.


One of the most common business requirements that we come across is the ability to send personalized messages to multiple records (Accounts or Contacts) and track those activities. Using the mail merge functionality in CRM 2011 is the perfect solution to this requirement. There may be scenarios when you send invitations for your Event through mail and you want to remind or follow-up with the invitees if they have received the mail and if they would be interested in the event. You may want to do this follow-up via another mail.

You can accomplish this using mail merge in CRM through the following steps:

  1. Create a mail merge template in CRM
  2. Select the relevant Accounts or Contacts for whom you want to personalized your message
  3. Select Mail Merge on the ribbon from Outlook
  4. Launch the mail merge wizard and select the template that was created in Step 1
  5. Click next through the mail merge wizard
  6. In the last step, select Print from the wizard
  7. Print as an XPS file or to your printer
  8. On clicking Print, below is a screen that will pop-up prompting you to post the activities back to CRM

CRM 2011 mail merge tip: posting a note to multiple records

  1. Through the above screen, you can choose to create or not create those activities in CRM. You can also assign those activates to yourself or owners of the Accounts or Contacts.
  2. If you follow the mail merge process and choose to create Microsoft Dynamic CRM activities, modified the Activity Details and then saved your XPS file, these activities will be displayed in Closed Activities.

We hope this quick tip on mail merge will be handy. If you need advanced features to personalize your communications, checkout our PowerMailChimp add-on. We also have a great blog on how to Personalize Bulk Email with CRM 2011 Information.

Happy CRM’ing!

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