One handy feature often overlooked is conditional formatting in Dynamics CRM 2011 Outlook Client. So just what is conditional formatting?


Have you ever asked yourself the question “Is it possible to ‘highlight’ or ‘bold’ certain records in CRM, or make records stand out from one another?” You can by defining Conditional Formatting rules.

How do we set Conditional Formatting in Dynamics CRM 2011? Let’s look at an example first, then go through the steps.

In my CRM I have a list of my Companies—let’s say I have over 10,000 records. On my Company form, among other things, I track my clients’ Contract Renewal Date. (You could also create a new System View that displays All Companies That Have a Contract Renewal Date This Month, or even a Workflow that sends you an email notification.) But in this example, I would like to bring attention to my Companies that have a Contract Renewal Date in the month of August.

This is where conditional formatting in Microsoft Outlook can help you.

Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Dynamics Outlook Client

In the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Outlook Client,

1. Go to Companies

2. In Active Companies view

3. Click on View

4. Click View Settings

5. Click on Conditional Formatting

6. Click on Add

7. Add the name ‘Contracts Due This Month’

8. Click on Condition

9. Click on Advanced tab

10. Select Field

In this example, I’m going to select the ‘Contract Renewal Date’ field, then set the Condition for This Month.

11. Click OK

Next, I’m going to set the formatting – I want bold records where the Contract Renewal Date is This Month, and Change the Color to Green.

After you Click OK,…

12. Click on Font and select the color and font size

13. Click OK

And Voila!

That’s how you do conditional formatting in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client. How are you using conditional formatting? Please comment your experiences.

Happy CRM’ing!

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