Collecting surveys with CRM is easy to do with the help of an awesome Dynamics CRM survey add-on called PowerSurvey. PowerSurvey is one of many powerful PowerPack add-ons created by PowerObjects to help add value to your CRM at a low cost. PowerSurvey lets you build and customize your survey within CRM, send those surveys out from CRM and track survey responses within CRM. But what if someone doesn’t complete a survey you send them? It might be a good idea to send that person a reminder after a specific period of time. Re-sending a Microsoft Dynamics CRM survey if it has not been completed can be done with a simple CRM workflow.


To create the workflow that will resend the survey if it is not completed, go to Settings, Processes and click on New. You will want to create a new workflow that runs on the survey activity.

Re-send a Dynamics CRM Survey image 1

Make sure to change the Scope of the Workflow to “Organization” and Start When the record is created.

Re-send a Dynamics CRM Survey image 2

The first step we want to add is a Wait Condition, so we wait a specific amount of time after the survey is first sent, to re-send the survey. For this example, we will use one week. Click Add Step, Wait Condition, click to configure the wait condition, and specify that you want to wait 7 days after the survey sent date. We will use the dynamic values on the right hand side to create this wait condition.

Re-send a Dynamics CRM Survey image 3

Next we want to add a check condition to check that the survey was NOT completed. So, click Add Step, Check Condition, and click to configure the condition. Set it up so that it will check to see that they survey completed date does not contain data.

Re-send a Dynamics CRM Survey image 4

Now we want to add a step to send the e-mail, reminding that person to take the survey. Click Add Step, and Send E-mail. Click to configure the email. Use the dynamic values on the right hand side to set up the appropriate fields, such as the “To”, “Regarding” and “Description” fields. Adding the “description” of the original survey activity will include the whole body of the email that you sent, along with the link to the survey. When you’re done, click Save & Close.

Re-send a Dynamics CRM Survey image 5

Once you’re finished creating your workflow, it should look like the one below. You will then want to Save and Activate it.

Re-send a Dynamics CRM Survey image 6

Now, if someone doesn’t take the survey they were sent within 7 days, they will receive a reminder email that looks something like this:

Re-send a Dynamics CRM Survey image 7

Don’t have PowerSurvey installed in your CRM? Try it for free! You’ll be up and running with your free trial in less than 5 minutes. If you have questions about PowerSurvey, please contact the PowerPackPro.

Happy CRM’ing!

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