PowerGlobalSearch adds value for each and every user of CRM 2011 by providing the ability to earch any entity and any field from one window.  By default, PowerGlobalSearch is added under the Workplace Module in the ‘My Work’ section.


adding search enhancement to Dynamics CRM 2011

This is great for the user that spends their time in the My Work section of the Workplace but let’s not forget about our Sales/Marketing/Service users that like to spend their time outside of the Workplace Module. Follow the steps below to move or duplicate PowerGlobalSearch to any of the modules in CRM.

1. Create/Save a solution with only the Site Map included.

a. Go to Settings > Solutions and click New.

search enhancement to Dynamics CRM 2011 add-on

b. Give your new solution a Display Name, Publisher, Version and Name. After filling in the required fields, click Save.

global search for crm

c. After the solution finishes saving, click Add Existing and choose Site Map from the list.

d. Save the solution and then click .

e. A wizard will appear. Click  twice and then click .

f. Save the file to the desktop or another easy to retrieve location.

2. Make a copy and edit the XML

a. Make a copy of the file by right clicking and selecting copy. Right click again and select paste at a different location. This will give us a backup in the case that we delete a part of the Site Map that we didn’t intend to or are unhappy with where we added PowerGlobalSearch.

b. Double click the original file to open it.

c. Right click the Customization XML file and select Copy.

d. Paste the Customization XML file outside of the .zip file.

e. Open the Customization XML file in your favorite editor.

f. Locate the SubArea for PowerGlobalSearch. As you recall from the beginning, this is within the My Work section of the Workplace module. Workplace is the first Area you will see in the XML and generally My Work is the first Group. Using the find tool of your editor and searching for “PowerGlobalSearch” is an easy way to find the SubArea.

g. Copy the entire SubArea for PowerGlobalSearch.

h. Find the Area and Group you would like to add PowerGlobalSearch to and paste in the SubArea. Below we have added PowerGlobalSearch to the Sales module. Deleting the SubArea in My Work will remove PowerGlobalSearch from that area.

i. Save the file and add it back to the .zip file that we pulled it out of originally. Ensure you still have your original Site Map copy that is unchanged.

3. Add the Site Map back to CRM.

a. Go to Settings > Solutions and click Import.

b. Browse for the .zip file with the changes made above and click 

c. Read the warning about unmanaged solutions and if you are still comfortable with your changes, click . You should be comfortable if you copied the .zip from the steps above.

d. Click 

After publishing the customizations, close CRM and restart it. This should refresh CRM and let you see your handiwork! All that is left to do now is to sit and wait for the sales, marketing and service users to send you “Thank You” emails.


And that’s it. We hope this helps enhance your PowerGlobalSearch experience. Questions? Feel free to reach out to our PowerPack Pro.

Happy CRM’ing!

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