It is important for every Microsoft Dynamics CRM user within an organization to understand how CRM and Outlook contacts interact.  If I delete a contact in CRM, is it deleted in Outlook?  What about editing a CRM contact, does it change my Outlook contact?  **All of the following assumes using the default Outlook Filters**


Editing in CRM – An edit made to a CRM contact will update the Outlook contact the next time CRM and Outlook sync.

Editing in Outlook – An edit made to an Outlook contact will update the CRM contact immediately.

Deleting an owned contact in CRM – Deleting a contact I own in CRM, which has synced to Outlook, will remain in my Outlook.

Deleting an Outlook contact – Deleting a contact from Outlook that has been tracked to CRM, will remain in CRM but will not sync back to Outlook.

Assigning a contact created in CRM to another user – Assigning a contact created in CRM and that synced to Outlook will remove that contact from Outlook.

Assigning a contact created in Outlook to another user – Assigning a contact created in Outlook that was tracked in CRM, will remain in Outlook and changes made in Outlook will change the CRM contact.  Changes in CRM will affect the Outlook contact as well.

This is just the beginning as to how Outlook and Dynamics CRM interact but these rules are very important when deciding how to add contacts to CRM.

Happy CRM’ing!

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