The latest and greatest version of PowerSurvey has just been released! And there are big enhancements!!


Some survey gurus say that people are more likely to answer a survey if they can do so anonymously. Well, with the help of PowerSurvey and the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can post surveys to your website, have visitors fill that survey out anonymously, and still track those survey responses inside your CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Anonymous Survey Capabilities

Another super enhancement is that you can now upload your own CSS, thus personalizing the font, colors, and background of your survey to make it look more like your company’s webpage. You can also specify what text you would like to display on your survey’s “Prior”, “Next” and “Submit” buttons.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Anonymous Survey Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Anonymous Survey Capabilities

If you send out or post a survey in correspondence with a campaign, you can now automatically have a survey response created every time someone fills out a survey by relating a survey to a campaign. All you have to do is choose the campaign you’d like to associate it to, and a campaign response will automatically be created when a survey is filled out.

Sending customized surveys from your CRM has never been easier or more convenient!

Give it a try today! Visit the PowerSurvey website to get started.

Happy CRM’ing!

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