Did you know there is a simple way to connect two of our powerful PowerPack add-ons: PowerMailChimp and PowerWebTraffic? Now, when you send a bulk email (for example, a newsletter) out from CRM using the PowerMailChimp tool, you can track the web traffic of CRM contacts & leads who click on links in that bulk email!


To connect these add-ons is really quite simple. When you associate a CRM marketing list to a MailChimp list, an oid and otype are automatically synced over.

Send Newsletters from Dynamics CRM

We are going to use this information to link specific CRM contacts and leads to their web traffic. Navigate to a MailChimp template, click in a section of your template and go to the Source. Find a link and add ?ti=*|OTYPE|*|*|OID|*

to the end of the link that goes to a page on your website (one of the pages PowerWebTraffic is tracking). So, for example, the link would say: https://www.powerobjects.com/blog?ti=*|OTYPE|*|*|OID|*

Send Surveys from Dynamics CRM

Add those merge tags to the end of every link in your MailChimp template (don’t forget the links in the images!), and save the template. Now, when you send out your PowerMailChimp blast, you will be tracking the web traffic of every lead or contact that clicks on a link.

That’s the combined power of PowerMailChimp and PowerWebTraffic!

We love feedback. So, give it a try and let us know what you think.

Happy CRM’ing!

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