PowerPack is a series of individual Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-ons designed to drive additional value out of your CRM investment. While PowerPack is an “a-la-carte” model (meaning that you don’t have to buy a full suite of software…just the parts you will actually use), many of our add-ons will work together to solve even larger business problems.


With some recent enhancements, combining two of the PowerPack add-ons, PowerMailChimp and PowerSurvey, you can send surveys within bulk emails (such as newsletters) and track those survey responses back to CRM contacts & leads.

Let’s jump in and show you the “power”:

To add a PowerSurvey to a bulk email takes just a few minutes. Create your survey in CRM as you normally would, and, when you’re ready to insert it into a bulk email, navigate to the PowerMailChimp section of your CRM and click on PowerMailChimp blast. Once there, you will see a new button called “Generate URL”.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-ons

Note: If this button is disabled, you do not have PowerSurvey installed, and will need to install it in order to use this feature.

Once you click on that button, a window will pop open and allow you to select the survey you would like to put into your bulk email. Select your survey and click on “Copy to Clipboard”.

CRM investment

Next, log into your MailChimp account and bring up your bulk email template. Click in the section of the template where you’d like to add your survey and, once the template editor has popped open, click on “Source”.

Mailchimp and CRM

Navigate to where you want to put the survey link and paste.

Now, when you send out your PowerMailChimp blast, recipients have the option to click on that link and take a PowerSurvey. Their survey answers are then pulled back into CRM under their contact or lead record, as they normally would be.

That’s the combined power of PowerMailChimp & PowerSurvey!

Happy CRM’ing!

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