Saving clicks is something that everyone efficient businessperson likes to do. Well, PowerOneView helps you achieve that goal! Instead of clicking through the left navigation of a record to view the record’s history, now you can view everything related to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM record in one window.


CRM Record

There’s a handy, customizable reading pane included on the right hand side that lets you quickly drill down into a related entity without actually opening it. Plus, PowerOneView can be configured to include anything you’d like – even custom entities!

Now you’re probably thinking that something as powerful as PowerOneView is difficult to set up, right? Wrong. You don’t have to know any type of code to configure PowerOneView and it imports in just minutes!

Want to see how it works? Check out the video below. Want to try PowerOneView yourself? Download and register your FREE 30 day trial today!

Happy CRM’ing!

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