If you are looking for a way to create a Microsoft Dynamics CRM survey, it’s easy to create highly professional looking (and acting) surveys in no time with PowerSurvey. All from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM!


All you have to do is:

  1. Create survey questions
    • Type in your question
    • Select the type of answer you’re looking for (rating, )
    • Choose whether or not it’s required
    • Depending on the question type, fill in additional fields
    • Repeat!
  2. Import a survey banner – the banner is what goes along the top of the survey
  3. Build the survey
    • Name the survey
    • Depict a header, subheader, ect.
    • Select a banner
    • Specify questions per page, choose to have completed surveys emailed to up to 3 email addresses, and fill in a few other fields
    • Choose survey questions
  4. Send the survey! – Refer to the PowerSurvey User Guide to learn all of the different ways to send out surveys and keep your eyes open for more helpful PowerPack videos!

Don’t have a way to send out a Microsoft Dynamics CRM survey yet?

We let you try PowerSurvey free for 30 days! Questions? Check with our PowerPack Pro.

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