MS Dynamics CRM has exceptional abilities to automate the support and service processes. Your customers send you their queries in the form of an amazing mode of communication called email, and your CRM 2011 email queue items that enter your support queue notify you of a new inquiry/ support question. However, every silver lining has a cloud, and the email queue item doesn’t deviate too much from this made up expression. The one issue that constantly frustrates users is the fact that email queue items sit in the queue forever unless you go in and manually remove them. Sort of like how every once in a while we remove the dried up pieces of lo mein and bean burritos stuck in between the keys of our keyboard. Email queue items staying in the queue forever can be quite annoying, especially when you get a lot of support inquiries.


We recently solved this issue for one of our clients by creating a new workflow, and here are the steps involved:

(Note: essentially, we are creating a new email queue item (which gets created anyway), but this way we have control of it so that we could deactivate it later.)

create a workflow to remove a CRM 2011 Email Queue item

Step 1: We create a new Case and link it to the parent customer. Our clients use a plugin that looks up the sender in CRM, so we know who the Contact and Parent Account are. We also set the Title of the case to the subject of the email:

Step 2: Here we update the email by setting the “Regarding” field to the case created in Step 1.

Step 3: Create case queue item and assign it to the support queue.

Step 4: This is where you create a queue item for the email. Like we mentioned earlier, this queue item is created regardless, but this way you will be able to control and manipulate it.

Step 5: Now that you have created the email queue item – deactivate it. This is done so that you don’t see both the new case and email in your queue.

That’s it! Your CRM 2011 email queue will be less cluttered now, and will only show cases created by this workflow. We hope this helped and if you need more in-depth problem solving, feel free to contact our CRM experts.

Happy CRM’ing!

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