Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has come up with cool new features and enhancements to the Data Import Wizard. (See CRM 2011 Data Import Wizard post from October 2010)


Another cool capability the Wizard has come up with is simplifying the process of importing lookups to CRM records. No longer do we need to rely upon extracting the GUIDs of the Lookups or beg at the mercy of busy developers to code an SSIS package!

All you need is a simple unique field to look up to in the related entity!!!!!

Let me elaborate……..

Scenario – We want to do an import of opportunities and associate them with existing accounts in CRM.

Solution – Highlighted below are the solution steps:

  1. Prepare the Opportunities CSV file with relevant fields to be imported and the unique reference to “Accounts” Entity – in this case Customer Number:

    CRM 2011 data import wizard

  2. Navigate to CRM Workplace, Imports and then click on “Import Data” on the ribbon:

    CRM Data Migration

  3. Browse to select the file and click “Next”

    CRM Migration

  4. It then uploads the file and you can click next to proceed and select the data map as “Default Automatic Mapping”:

  5. In the next page, you select the related entity as “Opportunity” and click next:

  6. In the next page, you can map the source field Customer Number to the relevant field in “Accounts” Entity – for this example “Account Number”:

  7. Once done, CRM shows the below screen confirming that “All the record types with fields have been successfully mapped”

  8. Go ahead, review the summary and submit the Import. Within matter of minutes you will have opportunities imported and mapped to the relevant fields!!!

Wow, wasn’t that easy? Let us know if you ever need help with data migration or need a Microsoft CRM Partner to work assist in your project.

Happy CRM’ing!

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