Have you ever received an email notification from Dynamics CRM and wanted to access that record immediately instead of having to go find it within MS CRM? Another great new feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 5 is the ability to add hyperlinks to email notifications via workflow. All entities now include a Dynamic URL field that can be added to any email notification by using the Insert Hyperlink feature.


The steps below will walk you through the steps to add the hyperlink to the email.

1. Select the “Set Properties” button of the email you wish to create or modify

Add Hyperlinks to Email Notifications via Workflow

2.Place your cursor where you would like to have the link inserted and then select the “Insert Hyperlink” button

MSCRM Update Rollup 5

3. Enter in the text you would to display in the email in the Text to Display field and then select “Record URL (Dynamic)” for the Dynamic Values list.

Note, you could add any URL to the email by using this feature as well.

Update Rollup 5 for MSCRM

4. Select “Ok” and you have now added a link to the Lead record.

UR 5 Microsoft Dynamics

5. As you can see below, the user now has an easy way to access the record directly from the email.
We are totally digging RU 5. What is your favorite new feature?
Happy CRM’ing!

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