Let’s say you need to quickly filter data so you can turn your View into something actionable. How would you do it? Filtering views in Dynamics CRM 2011 can help you decide which companies to include in your next marketing campaign.


Sometimes rather than creating a new advanced find, it’s more efficient and productive to simply filter a view that already exists.

In this example we’ll use the Active Accounts View, but you can do this with any View. From within the Active Accounts View we first select the Filter icon from the Ribbon. Notice the arrows that appear to the right of each column after clicking the filter icon.

These are what we will use for filtering.

Suppose you are thinking about planning a new marketing campaign so you only want to see Accounts that are classified as Prospects. To do this you’ll want to add a filter so you only view Accounts with a Relationship Type of Prospect. Select the arrow next to Relationship Type and check the box for Prospect and click OK.

Now when we look at the Active Accounts View we only see Accounts with a relationship type of Prospect. But we can tell it’s a filtered by Relationship Type because of the filter icon next to Relationship Type.

Summary Filtering within a view in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is an efficient and easy way to get a different view of our data and quickly make our data actionable.

Happy CRM’ing!

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