What’s the Situation?

I need to mass edit Dynamics CRM 2011 records and I need to make changes to more than 250 records at a time.


How do I accomplish this without using the Edit button in MSCRM 2011 which limits me to up to 250 records at a time?

How to Solve?

In Dynamics CRM 2011 you have the ability to export data to Excel, make changes to that data and then import them back into CRM.

Here is how you do it……

First, find a view with data that you want to edit. In this example the view is Active Accounts. All the records in your view do not need to be displayed on the same page. For example if in the bottom left of your page you have something that looks like this:

No need to worry, we’ll include all the records from the View in the next step.

Next, select Export to Excel from the Ribbon

In the new window that opens, select Static worksheet with records from all pages in the current view and select Make this data available for re-importing by including required column headings. Then select the Export button.

Save the export (It should save as an XML document) and then open the file.

The export will have the same columns as the view from CRM.

Now change your data. For example, if you want to change the lead source for records use the lead source drop down.

Make your changes and then save your file. Make sure you keep it in the same XML format.

Go back into CRM and select Import Data and then Import Data again.

Find your file using browse and then select next

Determine if you want to allow duplicates and who will be the owner of records if an owner is not already assigned. Then select Submit.

After you hit Submit you should see:

Then check back on your Active Accounts View ( it may take a minute to refresh depending on how many records are being edited) and the changes we made in Excel should be reflected in your CRM records.


Working with MSCRM records in Excel can be a huge time saver when you need to fix data that was categorized incorrectly when it was brought in or if you just need to be append a lot of records with a new field that was added.

* Note: Based on Excel settings, some users will receive a “File is Corrupt” error when you first try to open your exported file. This can be fixed by adding your CRM Organization to your Internet Explorer trusted sites.

Happy CRM’ing

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