PowerObjects recently had an issue with all users on a particular environment were receiving Internet Explorer script errors in the CRM 2011 client and web client. The one common piece was all the users were using Windows XP. We tested on Windows 7 and we could not reproduce the issue. The errors were primarily related to trying to view Dashboard in CRM 2011.


Internet Explorer

Following the normal troubleshooting steps with IE and CRM – we had added the CRM URL to the Trusted Sites and Intranet Sites, allowed Mixed Content and Cross domain. There were no unusual add-ins in IE and script scanning had been disabled within the Anti-Virus software.

After much troubleshooting we finally discovered that Enable native XMLHTTP support was not enabled, in the Internet Options. Was this was enabled we had no further script errors.

Here is a screen shot of that setting:

Internet Explorer

Hope this helps someone out there and saves some time in the process J . If you are stuck and need help please reach out to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts at PowerObjects as we would love to have you as a customer!

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