I was reviewing a recently upgraded organization with a lot of JavaScript in Opportunity and Quote Products and could not seem to resolve a misleading ‘DataValue’ error.


I had the exact same code on both Opportunity Products and Quote Products but the latter worked fine.

I eventually disabled all JavaScript but still received the error. Finally I happened to try it from another machine and produced a new but informational error:

‘crmForm.all.ispriceoverridden is null or not an object’

I recalled that Opportunity Products now has a field for overriding the price (incidentally this was the purpose of said JavaScript.)

I added the ‘ispriceoverridden’ bit field to the form (displaying as a locked field) and all was well.

The other lesson was that I have Internet Explorer 9 but the second test was using Internet Explorer 8 which handles errors differently!

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Happy CRM’ing

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