Today we’ll cover sitemap editing in CRM 2011. To start, we’ll want to edit the application navigation options in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For reference, you can also read this post on Site Map XML from the Microsoft Developer Network.


Create a new solution OR use default solution

Microsoft Dynamics CRM > Settings > Customization > Solutions > New >

Save and Close

Open NewSolution > Client Extensions > Add Existing > Site Map

Export Solution

You might get the window about “Missing Required Components” but no need to worry if you will import the solution to the same CRM from where you created the solution.

Extract Solution

NOTE: Keep a backup of zipped “NewSolution_1_0_0_0”

Extract to NewSolution_1_0_0_0 (this name depends upon the name and version of your solution)

Edit Site Map

customizations.xml > ImportExportXml > SiteMap > SiteMap






<Templates />



Edit the Site Map as per requirement. (

Save changes to the extracted/unzipped “customizations” XML Document in Visual Studio or Notepad. Zip all the files in folder named “NewSolution_1_0_0_0” Must zip (.zip NOT .rar) (Unzipped files cannot be imported.)

Compress Solution

To zip: select all files in the extracted/unzipped folder “NewSolution_1_0_0_0” > Right click > Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder > Rename this zipped folder to “NewSolution_1_0_0_0.”

Import Solution

Microsoft Dynamics CRM > Settings > Customization > Solutions > Import > Browse > > Next > Import > Close when import completes

Validation on the Site Map is performed during the import. Default Site Map is applied if there is an error.

To reflect all the customizations “Publish All Customizations” and reopen Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Hope this helps someone out there!!

Happy CRM’ing

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    resultondemand.nlresultondemand.nlThe sitemap can also be changed by using the Webservice, see the example code at

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    so helpful, thanks,
    it was good if explain more export system setting (advanced) part.
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    As a new person learning CRM this was so helpful. Thanks!

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    its very useful for beginners

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