So you already have CRM and have been running it in house….you’ve seen the great new features in 2011 and want to take advantage of them….you check with IT and the servers you have are 32 bit and they tell you no for new 64 bit servers. Seems like you might be stuck, but hey why not let Microsoft take over – I mean at $44/user you can’t go wrong and you don’t need to buy new servers – now you just need to migrate to the cloud. PowerObjects has recently developed a streamlined process for moving a MSCRM 4.0 implementation on premises to CRM 2011 online. The process is relatively pain free. Below are the steps in moving a crm 4 to CRM 2011 Online.


  1. Analyze. The first step is to analyze the CRM 4 solution. Does it have any legacy isv code, any plugins that need re-written, any JavaScript? What is the database size? Right away at step 1 we will know the exact amount of work necessary to move your CRM on premises to online. Items to take into consideration are:
    1. JavaScript
    2. Plugins
    3. Data synchronizations
    4. SRS reports
    5. 3rd party components
  2. Upgrade. A CRM 4 to 2011 upgrade is performed at this step. This step is often done at PowerObjects data center, so you do not have to acquire 64bit hardware and sql 2008. And your CRM 4 environment remains untouched.
  3. Import Customizations. At this step your recently upgraded customizations will be imported into CRM 2011 online. The CRM 2011 online will now look exactly like your system.
  4. Convert. Step 4 is where our developers convert any needed plugins/reports/JavaScript. This step varies quite a bit depending on the client. Some clients have little to no conversions needed while others that have obsolete 3rd party components need a bit of work. The amount of work is already know based on item analyzes phase.
  5. Verify. At this step we ask the client to verify all system functionality. The system should now be an upgraded CRM 2011 system with test data.
  6. Migrate the data. Using a proprietary internally developed tool, PowerObjects now migrates all of your data from your database to CRM 2011 online. All out of the box and custom entities, attachments, activity, etc is moved. All data!!!
  7. Test UAT – Go/NoGo. The final step is another round of testing to determine if there are any known issues. Since the CRM 4 environment remains untouched there is always a back out plan.

Does it seems a little daunting? That’s what we are here for – we do this day in and day out so leave the heavy lifting to us – reach out and we can get the process started for you! PowerObjects Contact

Happy CRM’ing

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