I regularly compete in a rather obscure sport where the winner and 3rd place may be separated by only a few seconds or a fraction of a second. Scoring is comprised of a combination of overall time and accuracy. The less accurate you are the more time is added to your score. If you have a really fast run but don’t pay attention to the details, i.e. the accuracy during your run, your overall score will inevitably suffer. Upon completion of one of these runs you may hear “You can’t miss fast enough” from a spectator or fellow competitor.


In fact, I heard this recently at a time when I was thinking about my job as sales professional. As most successful salespeople know, if you have a proven process and you follow it every time your win ratio will increase. I understand that it may not be possible to follow the process every time due to details of a particular deal, but for the most part following a process leads to more wins.

In order to ensure that our team follows that sales process we use Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now, you’re probably asking yourself what in the world does all of this have to do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you are in sales or have ever been in sales you know that ours is a quota based profession; both in terms of goals that your company and you are trying to achieve; whether it’s professional growth, increased income or gaining more market share you’re usually trying to do this as quickly as possible. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the workflow functionality contained within it help us follow that process and ensure that we’ve taken all the appropriate steps that we know lead to a successful engagement with both customers and prospective customers.

All that being said I want to leave you with this; slow down to speed up. If you have a tool like Microsoft Dynamics CRM in place, use it to help make your sales process as smooth and efficient as possible. If you don’t have an effective tool to help you with your sales process give us a call, we’d be glad to help you learn more about how integrating technology with the sales team can help you grow your business and service your customers at the highest level possible. PowerObjects does have an offering geared towards the sales team in your organization called PowerSFA that is made to help in sales pipeline management and boosting sales efficiency.

Happy CRM’ing

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