OK – I know most of our posts are about Microsoft Dynamics CRM … but today is a special day and I get to share a little bit about why I love this place. PowerObjects lives and breathes it core values * Always add value * Think Team * Love What You Do * Live the Technology * Do the right Thing, and today we got to live the technology.


If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably know that today was the day Microsoft release the Kinect for the Xbox360. Well we had to wait for the store to open, but we rushed out and picked up the big one with the 250gb hard drive and brought it to it’s new home at PowerObjects.

The excitement built as we took it over to what we like to call the annex that has our hang’n and chill’n living room with a new 60 inch LCD that has been lonely and waiting for this day for over a month. The box was opened and the setup began!

After plugging in the cables…really just HDMI and power – we connected to the wireless network and had to do a little update. Talk about seeming like forever….we’ve waited months for this day to arrive and now we have to update!!! Ok it probably only took 3-4 minutes, but this was gaming time I was missing.

Once she was fully loaded and connected it was time to take her for a spin. Figured out the interface pretty quick and away we went.

I had planned on writing a longer blog about this, but I think I need to go back to the annex and play a little bit more J.

We are still here to help with all you MS CRM needs, and possible hook up online if you want to get a little gaming in as well!

Happy CRM’ing Kinect’ing

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