So you’re working in CRM 2011, do you know your “organization name”?


I was building reports in CRM 2011 Online and started getting the wrong data in one of my reports. What had happened is someone recently added me to another instance of CRM online.

Example, I’m a user in and someone adds me to I can go into a browser and login to either CRM systems. Not an issue. But let’s say I’m building a report with FetchXML…

When building reports using FetchXML the connection string specify the URL and your organization name. Everyone always states the organization name is optional… sure if you’re only in one organization. If you exist in multiple organizations you must specify the organization name… yeah I knew that…

If your URL is you would expect the organization to be “power1” and define your connection string as follows:;power

It’s not!

So what is the organization name? Look under Settings.

Simple yes, but if you don’t know your organization name, you will waste time trying to determine a value you didn’t select.

We are having a blast here at PowerObjects learning all about new stuff in Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011 – if you’d like to talk to a MS CRM expert let us know.

Happy CRM’ing

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