One of the new features of Outlook 2010 is something called ‘the People Pane.’


Whenever I open an email in Outlook or an individual contact this little ‘pane’ will appear and show me recent emails from them, recent attachments, recent appointments, etc. Appointments and Tasks from CRM will appear in this people pane as well!

We can also install Social Networking Providers into Outlook which will display recent Facebook status updates, photos, LinkedIn updates and more into the people pane! Now, in one place, I can see all of my interactions with this person whether that interaction is a CRM task, an email or a Facebook message!

All some very cool features, but you’re probably asking yourself, what does this have to do with Bill Gates staring at me? Well, doesn’t that grey generic user picture in the people pane look familiar?

Is that a picture of Leif Garrett circa 1978? Is it an outline of the lovable, mop-headed Zach Galifianakis? Is it Casper the Friendly Ghost? No my CRM friends, that is none other than William H. Gates III KBE.

Not seeing the resemblance? Take a gander at Bill’s mugshot from 1977 when he was pinched for a ‘traffic offense’ in Albuquerque, New Mexico…

Still not seeing it? Try this on for size…

Pretty funny Easter Egg huh? J

Who says developers can’t have a little fun from time to time!

Happy CRM’ing!


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