Have you ever tried using the advanced find tool, only to find yourself staring at a REALLY long list of field names? On one hand, this is great because it truly gives you the ability to search every field within the CRM system to define exactly what it is that you are looking for. On the other hand, it might be nice to remove the fields that are not being used by your Organization to make this a little less confusing to the average CRM user.


Note: There are times where you may want to leave fields that are not on the form set as “Searchable”. (Example: If you have an Integration to your CRM system using fields that are not on the form, or if you don’t display fields like “Created On” …etc…)

We found this tool on the MSCRM Tools blog HERE. The Searchable Property Attribute Updater allows you to set an attributes “searchability” in bulk! This tool can search using a filter that determines if the field is currently being used on the published form, then allows you to choose which attributes should be set to searchable/non-searchable!

There are a few other tools that are posted on his site, but this one stood out as a real time saver! (P.S. Another really cool one on this site is the View Layout Replicator – Used to quickly make all “Views” for an Entity the same) – I digress… J

The tool works great for the most part. We did find that for some reason the Email field on the Contact got set to “Non-Searchable” the first time the tool was run, but re-running the tool corrected the mistake.

See the two screenshots below for an example result!

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