By default, every new Contact that is created from an Account in Dynamics CRM will have its address mapped from the Account. This is by design to save time when entering new Accounts and Contacts into the MSCRM system. Every now and then, it is necessary to change or update Account/Contact addresses. We could adjust the cascading in the relationships would Sort of work… but we don’t ALWAYS want the data to move each time something is changed. Enter the workflow engine!


Here are two very simple workflows that will allow you to copy addressing information from one record to another!

Workflow #1: Copy the Address from the Contact to the Parent Account.

  1. Create the workflow for the Contact Entity.
  2. Choose “On Demand” and Un-Check all of the other boxes on the right. (We only want this to run Manually)
  3. Change the Scope to “Organization” to allow all users with rights access to running the workflow.
  4. Click “Add Step” > Select Update Record > Choose “Parent Customer (Account)” – This tells the workflow that you want to update the Parent Account of the selected contact.
  5. Click “Set Properties” – See Screenshot below to select the dynamic fields.

  1. Save and Close the Workflow > Publish the workflow è You are Ready to Go!
  2. Access a Contact and update the address. (Save your changes)
  3. At the top of the Form, click the Workflow button (See below)

  1. Select your new workflow, click OK > All Done!

Workflow #2: Copy the Address from the Parent Account to the Contact.

This workflow is setup very similar to the previous workflow, with one exception. It copies the address from the Parent Account down to the child Contact. Which means, you can run this workflow on multiple records at once!

  1. Start with the same steps as before, Create the workflow for the Contact Entity.

  1. The only difference is, this time; the update step will be for the Contact. Then Click “Set Properties”.

  1. Use the Form Assistant to add the fields from the Parent Customer (Account) that you would like to update on your Contact(s).
  2. When all of the fields that you wish to update have been added, Click OK, then publish your workflow!
  3. You can run this workflow the same way that you ran the previous one, or Access the Account and in the Contact Associated view (Clicking Contacts in the left nav panel while in an Account) select the contacts you want to update then click the workflow icon and run your new workflow! (See Screenshot Below)

Remember: Workflows may take a minute to complete and you may have to refresh your screen (F5) to see your changes if you decide to wait and verify the changes were made.

As always if this doesn’t meet your needs please feel free to contact the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Experts at PowerObjects!

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