Imagine this scenario: After months of careful planning you generate your first email campaign from MSCRM. Many cool dashboards are ready to go to see who is reading which emails and which links are being clicked. Then as you click go, you watch with dismay as many of the emails start bouncing back one by one all marked as ‘spam’. Welcome to the world of Internet email marking.


Fortunately with a properly configured smtp server and a couple other small items you can really increase the delivery rate. Here’s our check list. Following these items should greatly increase delivery rates.

  1. MX Record. The server that is sending your emails should be listed in an mx record in dns.
  2. Reverse DNS. The server that is sending your emails should have a properly setup reverse dns. Check here:
  3. Helo. Verify that your smtp server helo has the correct email server name and matches mx and reverse dns.
  4. SPF. If you don’t already have an SPF record, be sure to create it. Here’s more info:
  5. Unsubscribe. Always have an unsubscribe link in your newsletter. If you are already using our powerEmail component this is all set.
  6. Reputation. Ideally you want to send your newsletter from an email server that has been around for a while and has a good reputation.
  7. From Address. Have a valid from email address in a newsletter from the same domain.
  8. URL Links. If your newsletter contains many links have as many of them as possible from the same domain.
  9. EmailReg.Org. Register with

Doing the above will cause many spam checking software to award ‘points’ for good setup. This is vital as emails generated from the crm email router are at a disadvantage since the email router breaks RFC2047 with by encoding part of the subject line. Unfortunately this is a Dot.Net framework issue and will not be fixed in the current email router.

If you looking for help with MSCRM or setting up you email router properly please get in touch with us at PowerObjects – we have a ton of experience with doing this for on premise or hosted implementations.

Have any other recommendations? We’d love to hear.

Happy CRM’ing!

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