We recently began logging in a central database the ip address and correlated location of the ip address for all successful and failed logins. Using report builder 3.0 we then quickly created a parameterized report where we can easily search by user login, success/failed logins, and last x number of days. We can easily set this up for hosted Microsoft crm clients or ISV’s that we are doing their xRM hosting.


This is really neat as we can easily query where logins are coming in for a certain user or all failed logins during x number of days. Here is a screen shot of all unique locations that I have logged into crm during the past 30 days.
crm 4.0 user login tracking

Going a step further we then created a second report to graphically plot where all logins for a certain server are coming from. This too, is using an out of the box map wizard that is part of Report Builder 3.0. or we can create other types of CRM reporting with this data.

Next week we’ll have a step by step blog on creating one of these map reports plotting a count of customer accounts in a crm system in a map of the USA.

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