User adoption is a key ingredient in any successful dynamics crm 4 implementation. If your users are not using the system, your implementation will not be successful and ROI will suffer. PowerLog Usage Tracking and Analyses allows you answer many of the key questions such as:


Are users using the crm system and who’s using?

What are they doing in the dynamics crm system?

Have all users experimented with advanced find to search for data?

Want to know which users actually used advanced find? Simply click on the column.

How often and which users are creating activities, notes, accounts, etc?

When are users using the dynamics system?

What’s the trend usage with the dynamics crm system?

And just about anything…..

With PowerLog Usage Tracking and Analyses, you can answer just about any question related to dynamics crm usage and adoption. The data used for this is stored right in crm so many out of the box tools such as report wizard, srs reports, and PowerDashboards can be used to analyze this data. We prefer PowerDasbhaords so our dashboards look very lively and in 3D and creating them is as easy as creating an advanced find.

The data lives right inside crm:

Dashboards can incorporate any number of charts to slide and dice your usage data.


PowerLog works with both on prem and IFD systems.

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