PowerObjects is always building new and cool features to add value to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Whether you are implementing Sales Force Automation or building a custom xRM application we want to give the users the most efficient interface for working with the system. A while back I started designing an interface to create one view of all communication with a Lead or Account or Contact. Of course the process is slightly different for Leads as apposed to Accounts and Contacts, but the concept is the same: I want to see one view off all communication. Seemed like an easy challenge, but what we learned was we needed to develop some xRM framework before we could build our new Lead entity One View. We needed custom xRM filter controls, Toolbar, Grid, JumpBar and of course a cool Reading Pane. Each of these elements took time to develop, but allow PowerObjects team to develop new robust custom CRM and xRM screens better and faster than the competition. Our xRM solutions run on-premise as well as in PowerObjects
Hosted CRM.


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Putting controls to use in One View allows PowerObjects to pull all activities (open and history) as well as notes into one view. Now instead of having to jump between 3 or more view users can see all communication in One View (this was a hard feature to name). Now from one view we can easily see all communication, add additional Activities or Notes as well as quickly view any data in the reading pane. In the standard interface a user would have to navigate to multiple interfaces and open up multiple windows to view all this data. With the reading pane the user can simply arrow up and down the list of records and view detail in the reading pane instantly. No popup windows, just one view. In addition to the reading pane we added an attachment icon to the list so you can quickly identify if an activity or not has an attachment right from one view.

The last cool feature I have to mention is the reading pane is 100% customizable. From with in CRM you can define what fields in the CRM you want to map to the reading pane items. You can define the Subject, Regarding, as many named pairs of attributes as well as a description and whether or not to append all notes to the end of the description (great when looking at related entities in Accounts and Contacts). To add value to the end user we need to create a consistent look and feel as well as give the user intuitive interface to access and input data. From one view a user can view a record, add records or double click to open the record.

One View is just an example of the value PowerObjects 100% Focus on Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings to its clients. We have a team of experts that are 100% focused on adding value to any Microsoft Dynamics CRM or xRM solution.

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